Artshed Brighton is the creative home of Hayley De Marcas and Francesca Garlake.

 About Us

Artshed Brighton is about finding beauty in the everyday. We started our small business in 2020 when like many others, the first lockdown found us with more time for creative pursuits.  We found a wealth of raw materials on our doorstep: plastic bottles, bottle tops, tins, pallets… And our work has been evolving ever since.

Our work has a story. Everything is made with up-cycled, salvaged or found materials. The materials we use have had a whole other life before they even reach our hands, usually ending up in a pile of ‘rubbish’ destined for the dump.  We’ve transformed them into something beautiful and unique that can become part of your story, and add a special detail to your home.

We love living in colourful Brighton, with all its quirkiness, and all the places we can rummage for discarded treasures. We live with our two wonderful canine companions, Titan and Trouble.

Hayley De Marcas

I’ve been transforming wood, fabrics, and furniture for over 20 years, working mainly on commissions and with event designers. I loved to experiment with materials- paints, dyes, wax and many others. Sometimes experiments go wrong, and a mistake led me to Yakisugi. I was drawn in by the idea that all that is needed for this transformative process is fire, an entirely natural process. Since moving to the UK in 2016, Yakisugi has been the focus of my work.

Francesca Garlake

I’m a mixed media artist: I’ve loved creating things since I was a child, and finally went to art school in my late 40’s, specialising in painting. But I’ve always worked with lots of different media, including photography, film and printing. My journey into making art with ‘waste’ has coincided with recognising the environmental impacts of so many art materials, including acrylic and oil paints. Using discarded materials, and giving them a new life, is also about questioning how we relate to the world we live in, and how we define beauty.

Titan and Trouble 

Titan and Trouble are big parts of the Artshed Brighton family,  bringing their own special form of creativity: large and often muddy footprints, frequent hairy cuddles and always a desire to get involved!

They bring huge joy (literally) and a source of love to our Artshed Brighton home.

 You can follow Titan and Trouble’s adventures on Instagram.


Majestic, aloof, intuitive, stubborn, loyal.

Loves: water, having his ears rubbed, celebrity status.



Loving, clumsy, smart, enthusiastic, stunning.

Loves: Titan, hugs, singing for her supper.