Plastic Bottle Creations

By Francesca Garlake

Bright Recycled Sculptures
These creations are made from single-use plastic bottles (used mostly for drinks and beauty products) and recycled electrical wire.
I love working with plastic bottles, and their transformation from something mundane to something beautiful.  During lockdown, I started exploring what I could do with the bottles I found in recycling bins. I was drawn to the wonderful colours, the way the plastic takes on organic shapes when heat is applied, and most of all the glass-like quality of the finished work.
Plastic Bottle Artwork sample

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More about Recycled Plastic Creations

Work starts with sourcing the plastic bottles, removing the labels, and a rigorous cleaning process!  As well as finding bottles as I walk past recycling bins, friends and neighbours and a wonderful local recycling project also collect them for me.  Trying to be as environmentally friendly as I can,  I don’t add any paint or dyes to the plastic.  Sometimes I wait ages to find a second shade of pink, or a flash of yellow, that a flower needs to look right. But using the original colours of the bottles also makes each work unique, there really will never be two the same.

Plastic Art Creator
Plastic flowers in a vase