Cedar Serving or Chopping Board – large


A large serving board that is perfect for feeding a crowd.

Perfect choice for feeding a crowd! These large and long Yakisugi serving boards are a perfect table centrepiece to share your food with a gathering of friends. Use them to serve grilled vegetables, antipasti, mezze, charcuterie, cheeses, and fruit - they are incredibly versatile and a striking addition to any table. The contrast of the intense black of the platter with the colours of food increases the vibrancy of both, making your dishes look irresistible.

These are our largest boards, perfect for entertaining. Each board has a comfortable handle, to make passing around your table easier.

Our ‘gather-round’ sharing boards are handmade from locally salvaged solid cedar. The colour is a result of Yakisugi, or charring. Yakisugi is a 16th century Japanese technique that involves using only fire to colour, seal and preserve hard woods. Charring the wood is followed by cooling, combing, sanding and cleaning. The final part of the making is coating the platter with a natural oil. What results has a new form, texture and feel, smell and presence. It really is a magical process!

Yakisugi results in a resilient surface, and it is also an entirely natural process- no dyes, glues or chemicals are used. Because we use salvaged wood, we are reducing waste and giving a new life to materials that otherwise would be discarded. Not only useful and beautiful but also kind to the environment!

Charred wood has become popular as a stylish, contemporary design element inside the home, and these boards are equally striking topped with cheese as hanging on the wall in your kitchen.

They also make a unique gift for a new home or wedding, or for anyone who likes to serve and share delicious food!

Dimensions: 76 x 30 x 1.5cm including handle.

Care instructions:

  • Wipe with a damp cloth after use.
  • Do not use the dishwasher.
  • Rub with natural oil (such as tung oil or linseed oil) occasionally.