Sardine Can Art

By Francesca Garlake

Sardine Tin Creations
Quirky and evocative scenes, in a sardine tin. Some are made from ‘treasures’ I’ve collected over the years, ordinary objects whose stories fascinate me. I always knew I’d find a place for them. These are combined with images from vintage books and magazines. Some are inspired by beautiful phrases, inspirational people, or a particular mood. The tiny, enclosed space of the tin invites you to pause, look closer and enter the miniature world.
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There’s a long history to ‘assemblage art’, it’s about making something ordinary, objects not usually seen that way, into art, giving them a new meaning through the space they’re in. I’m creating a space for nostalgia, romance or dreams, trying to can that feeling. It also gives me an excuse to keep collecting ‘treasures’!

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