Yakisugi Wooden Tableware

By Hayley de Marcas

Wooden Bowls & Boards
This collection has developed from a bit of an obsession with food and styling, and my accidental charring wood which led me to discover the ancient Japanese technique of Yakisugi. I am fascinated by the contradiction of burning wood to preserve it, and have made this art the focus of my designs. I adore the power of the fire, the simplicity of the technique and the beauty, feel and even smell of the end products.
I also love to cook Middle Eastern food, and to see food beautifully presented.  Each item in my Yakisugi collection is designed to accentuate the colour and texture of food as it contrasts so beautifully with the blackened wood.  It’s a kind of magic, the way the charred black wood makes everything look so delicious.
My collections are available for homes and interiors and have been widely used in styling by chefs, caterers and foodies.

More about Yakisugi Tableware

Yakisugi is a traditional Japanese method of preserving, sealing and colouring hard wood using only fire.  Sometimes called Shou Sugi Ban, charred, burnt, scorched, ebonised… they all refer to the same transformative process.

My collection is made from locally sourced and salvaged wood.  After charring, each piece of wood is lovingly brushed, sanded and finally rubbed down with natural oil, changing the texture and even the smell of the wood, creating a stylish, minimalist piece of home decor or kitchenware.

Salvaged wood has a history and is full of unique character and inherent beauty, sometimes with visible knots, or minor imperfections. When cutting wood for our products, we aim to minimise waste, and embrace the character of the wood, knots and all. This means that sizes may vary slightly, and each piece will be slightly different due to variations in the grain of wood. This is what makes each board, nibble bowl, pinch pot or candleholder unique!

Yakisugi tableware process / making
Yakisugi charred wooden board handles